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How do I start learning magic tricks? Why not book a lesson or a group workshop with a professional magician!
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Learn magic from a professional magician.

Here are our courses and options, and why we think it's best to learn from a professional magician.
Option One

Magic Lessons

One to One.

Our one to one lesson is perfect for those who want or need expert advice without any distractions. Do you have a few magic tricks that you want to learn before you show people?

2 hour lesson
Option One

Magic Lessons


Group Workshop

Our group workshop is a perfect workplace team building exercise. You and your colleagues get to learn plenty of magic and show each other at the end of the session.
Includes refreshments.

2 hour workshop
£10 per head
(min 15 people, max 30)

What's the best way to learn?

One of the best ways to learn magic is from a working professional. Our magic tutors are professional magicians who perform to hundreds if not thousands of people week in, week out throughout the year.With methods that are tried and tested in the "real world" you're less likely to pick up bad habits that you might find on Youtube or elsewhere on the internet. These Youtube magic tutorials are often done by people who have never been out and performed for a live paying audience, and while their intent is good... their execution of the trick may not be.

Interactive lessons.

A lesson with us at the House of Magic is interactive, meaning you're not just sitting there watching a screen. If you're doing something well, we can tell you, and likewise we can spot if something is not quite right. You get real live feedback too, we will watch you from an audience members point of view so we can see what needs improving.

Professional magicians to teach you.

Professional magician and The House of Magic owner Stuart Millward will tailor a lesson in-store to suit your current skill level and the kind of magic tricks you would like to learn.

There are some tricks that can be picked up and learned instantly by anyone, but the tricks where a little sleight of hand is required are the ones that are going to get people screaming "How did you do THAT?!"

We're going teach you how to get people to say "How did you do that?!"

Stuart will teach the kind of magic that you're interested in too. If you don't like mentalism, there's no point in teaching it. If card tricks are what you want to learn then he can show you the best way to manipulate a deck of cards. The same if coin magic is your thing.

Thanks for visiting The House of Magic UK. We have a bricks & mortar magic store tucked away in the residential Old Quarter of Stourbridge, West Midlands and we are the last remaining magic shop of it's kind in the Midlands. Our aim is to offer the latest magic tricksplaying cards, and magic accessories and all at the best prices possible. Visitors to "The House" can chat with like minded magicians over a cuppa, including the store owner and professional magician Stuart Millward.

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