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DMC ELITES: Marked Deck (Forest Green)

DMC ELITES V4: the greatest marked deck in a generation - now greater than ever.

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DMC ELITES: Marked Deck (Forest Green)

DMC ELITES V4 forest green marked deck, for dealers

This October we are releasing the latest version of the legendary DMC ELITES - the follow up to the smash hit rouge deck, this time in a beautiful deep forest green, created with the intention to be nothing short of the greatest deck of playing cards for performing card magic available today.

The sixth generation of DMC signature cards, every aspect of the deck has been iterated and re-engineered again and again, honing in on this, simply the best deck we have ever produced.

That line is just copied and pasted from the dealer info for the rouge deck, but it was true then and it's true again. We've just not stopped working on the deck - the time that's gone into vanishingly small changes and super-refined adjustments to every feature is huge, but I'll leave it to Drummond to wax lyrical about the magic the deck can create and instead I'll mention this:

The deck sells like a beast.

The most immediate feature of the deck, and the thing that makes it most exciting to every magician who handles one, is also the most cunningly hidden: our unique world-class optical marking system.

The system hides the value and suit of the playing card in plain sight, with no decoding necessary, no mental working out to do to process some binary signal - it literally just says the value and the suit, clearly and visibly, with an incredible range on it. We have had people contact us saying that their poor vision has made this not just the best marked deck for them, but the ONLY marked deck they can use. And yet unlike other large marked decks on the market, you can safely hand the deck to a layman to examine, even with instructions to check for marks, they won't find them. Even telling magicians that the deck is marked and handing them over to examine, I have almost never had them identify and be able to use the marks.

The DMC Elites are the only deck on the market now with this unique system and it makes them very easy to sell. The moment of revelation, when the potential customer learns how to use the marks, is extremely powerful and gives the decks an incredible conversion rate. They can IMMEDIATELY see the potential applications of the system and that makes it a super strong seller.

I've sold thousands of these decks face to face at Blackpool and other conventions, and I think I've worked out why it is a slam-dunk demo sale: obviously you can do CRAZY magic with it, fool the pants off people, even those who think they know what's possible with a marked deck, but the real money moment is when they learn how the marking system works, because THAT MOMENT feels like a magic trick. I've had dozens of magicians unable to see the marks, then as soon as they know the secret, be unable to not see it. Even if they never gig with the deck, they want to be the one who shows that moment to their magic friends.

We've made a few quite large changes to how the deck works, going to four corner markings to maximise useability, and added adjusted marks to allow the deck to be read more easily from a spread. The one-way marking is also beefed up this generation, allowing easier use of super deceptive techniques like the delayed read. Each deck also comes with a single card that clearly, visually, shows the marking system and how it works, which uses no text and is language independent for international use. This makes the deck a perfect self-contained item, ideal for a gift, since it doesn't require a pdf to explain or rely on the customer working out the system for themselves.

For the first time the deck is printed by USPCC, on their premium (aka Bee) stock. We picked this stock because it's well known, widely used, of an extremely high quality, and it lasts and lasts. A lot of card fanatics are hot on 'crushed' stock, but this is known to be generally less hardwearing and we intended for this deck to stand up to the rigours of professional use, so the stock is not crushed. The deck has standard USPCC faces.

The box is a gold foiled forest green open weave heavyweight card, lending the cards a feeling of classic elegance - interestingly we were able to match the exact card manufacturer from the rouge deck and even match the pressed texture applied to the deck, so it is immediately familiar to users of the previous decks. Everything about the deck has been crafted to make them super useable and super sellable.

The accessible price point, flexibility and ease-of-use makes the deck ideal for casual customers - they can take the cards and immediately use them. Similarly the intelligent, finely tuned design of the system and the manufacturing quality of the cards makes them a good fit for working professionals, meaning they are an easy upsell or add-on to larger orders.

We have built an extremely loyal customer base of workers who rely on the ELITES' powerful marking system in their professional work - if you see the lengths people have been going to get a deck to work with on losing or wearing out their existing decks whilst they have been out of print, you will understand. For that reason we have placed a large order with our print suppliers to ensure that the decks are more reliable in their availability, something we were not as able to guarantee previously.

We feel that all of this adds up to make the DMC ELITES V4 the most useable deck for card magic out there. High quality materials, world class design, and a great price point.

As an additional item, we are also offering a small introduction to using the deck, the Passport to Marked Cards. This is a small book of 9 effects using the deck ranging from very simple to confoundingly devious, all crammed into a book with the exact form factor of an actual 32 page passport. Having sold the deck directly I realised that a lot of people on buying it, immediately ask if there is a supporting text providing effects. Others ruminate then come back later that day or the next (at Blackpool for instance) and ask if there is a guide - they recognise the power of the deck, but aren't sure how best to put it to work.

The Passport was created with these users in mind. In writing and developing the effects I was careful not to put anything in there that a total beginner would not be able to do. None of the effects require controls or false shuffles of any kind, zero card ability is required, the material leans almost entirely on self-working principles combined with the OMS markings to create deeply deceptive super commercial magic. This makes it a universal upsell with the deck - beginners who know nothing about magic will have a range of pro-tier material using it that they will almost immediately be able to do. Seasoned magicians will appreciate the subtleties and be keen to find out ways to use the decks they might not have seen. There are a few effects in the book I recommend learning as demo pieces because, even with punters knowing the deck is marked, you will still be able to fool them hard.

The release timing of the deck in mid-October is not an accident - we are shooting to have covered some ground and have stock established in stores worldwide in plenty of time for November 30th, when Drummond's Netflix TV series, Death By Magic drops. This show has been in development for a long time, and is being framed by Netflix as one of the highlights of their 'unscripted' formats. The show is a high budget globetrotting extravaganza of magic, following Drummond as he learns the stories of deadly magic performances worldwide and then reproducing them to spectacular effect. They will be heavily promoting it worldwide, and with 130 million households subscribed to the service, DMC's name and face will be in a lot of homes this November and will, to a lot of viewers, be the face of magic on the platform.

DMC himself is already quite well known internationally, his previous National Geographic TV series DMC : Beyond Magic was broadcast to over 120 countries, but was not widely publicised in the US or UK. Death By Magic is a hugely more sophisticated production and has the full might of Netflix behind it.

Dealer kit: we have arranged with Murphys to have a free instore dealer kit shipped to dealers who place an order for ELITES. The kit contains two promotional posters and a tabletop display unit designed to hold two decks - the idea is that one of these is an opened demo deck to be shown to the customers, and the other is a deck to immediately sell. One thing I have noticed is that very few magic shops have any point of sale displays at all, so we are using this as a means to provide support to our dealers: the deck itself is a beast and I want to make it as easy as possible for you to get it into your customers' hands. I have done in-store display design for multinationals like B&Q / Kingfisher Group and BP, so I know how powerful a well placed piece of POS can be, and this is something we provide.


The new DMC ELITES V4 marked deck (now in forest green) is the latest iteration in the ongoing quest by Drummond Money-Coutts to create the most powerful deck of cards available for professional magicians today. The ELITES are a unique collaboration between DMC himself (star of National Geographic's CARD SHARK and BEYOND MAGIC WITH DMC, and of the upcoming Netflix series DEATH BY MAGIC) and designer and magic creator Phill Smith - architect of the revolutionary OPTICAL MARKING SYSTEM. This brand new DMC ELITES V4 is the most versatile, nuanced and advanced version of ELITES ever created.

For the first time ever, the DMC ELITES V4 is now printed by the iconic United States Playing Card Company on their legendary Bee stock, still the world's favourite choice. The cards will endure hours upon hours of professional use, and all faces are standard USPCC faces for minimum scrutiny or suspicion from your audience.

The cards themselves feature the latest revision of the unique OPTICAL MARKING SYSTEM (OMS), a powerful 'reader' system designed specifically for the use of magicians and mentalists (as opposed to many decks designed for the gambling world). The OMS has an ingeniously hidden marking mechanic that is readable with extreme speed, at great range and even in poor light. It hides the value and suit of the card in plain sight with no decoding necessary - the back of the card literally says the value and the suit. Despite this, you can still comfortably hand the deck to a layman, safe in the knowledge that even the most critical observer would not ever suspect, let alone detect, the secret markings. So subtle, in fact, is the OMS that with the first edition of ELITES - many magicians complained that they'd been sent an unmarked version!

Drawing on the feedback from many hundreds of performers, the OMS has evolved significantly over the years, and in this version the markings are located in all four corners for the very first time - welcoming lefties into the ELITES family. A second quantum leap now allows the markings to be read from a relatively slim spread of cards on the table - or even a fan of cards held in the hands. Finally, the deck also now features a very clear, one-way marking system, allowing for delayed reads and unlocking a whole new realm of methods. Each deck also comes with an instruction card that explains the markings visually - with no language limitations for international performers.

DMC ELITES V4: the greatest marked deck in a generation - now greater than ever.

DISCLAIMER: These cards have been created with professional magic and mentalism in mind. Cheating at games through any means of duplicity - be it skillful or through specialised equipment - is unethical, immoral, and illegal. The creators, manufacturers and distributors of the ELITES range of playing cards cannot accept any responsibility for the unethical abuse or misuse of these playing cards.

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